Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hints and tips

Not much of anything except babycare going on in my world at the moment. As it creeps closer to the time I am planning on returning to work I find myself wanting to spend more time with Harris. I have had a sore leg for the past few weeks which has hampered my desire to get back to running

I thought I would do a post on the things I could and couldn't live without when I first had Harris. I didn't really overbuy but there were things I barely used.

Must have's
-sling/baby carrier - I have a baby bjorn and a baba sling but I could easily have bought a hug-a-bub and used it just as much. (And I just bought and Ergo baby carrier - but they are better for when the baby is bigger)
-Stretchy escape proof wraps- the baby may be small but they are certainly a good escape artist
-reusable cloth breast pads - these were much more comfortable than the disposable ones
-a baby bag that is comfortable, not too heavy when packed and that you love-I have two; a fancy Oroton one that I hardly use and a smaller lighter one that I love!(mine is from H is for Handbag)
- cloth flat nappies for wiping up after baby (Didn't think I would actually use these and they have been invaluable)
- a car seat/capsule
- my walking pram

What I didn't use all that much

- baby oils, powders, shampoos and washes. Babies don't really get dirty and usually have very dry skin, the only products have really used is Weleda nappy rash cream and moogoo moisturizer
- port a cot - we were given one and I haven't used it yet
- snuggle bed

other things

- I did't use our highchair until Harris was 6 months old and am glad I did' t buy one before hten. Hairchairs are possibly the most annoying creation on the planet. They get filthy, snap your fingers off when you are trying to clip them up and are brilliant food hiders - if you can borrow one to figure out what you need in a high chair then do that!)
- I didn't buy Harris a play mat with dangly toys until he was 2 months old and then by the time he was 6 months, he was destroying it so much that I had to pack it away. I would buy second hand You can pick up some great bargains on ebay!).
- cloth nappies would have been difficult for me to manage when Harris was a newborn but now I love using them. Green kids pocket nappies are great as are baby bee hinds.
- don't buy too many newborn nappies in bulk -we had three boxes of 108 and he was out of them before we could use them up.
- don't buy an expensive baby bath - ours from ikea was perfect for 14.95!

That all I can think of for now!

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Kristy said...

That's really interesting Andj and I would find it really helpful if I was at that stage... I'm trying to work out how to store all that information for when needed lol, which given I'm single could be a while :P:P

Miss J said...

Hi Andj,

Glad to see you blogging. Harris must be getting big now!!

Had a question for you, noticed that little rene's blog went missing ages ago, and know that you commented a few times on her blog, do you have any idea where she has gone, does she have a new blog ?


Hilary said...

Thanks for posting that Andj! I'm worried now that I've got 4 boxes of 108 newborn nappies - hubby and I were both small babies, so I'm hoping that I'll get to use them all!!

Good idea about the reusable breast pads too. I dont like any of the baby bags I've seen, so I still dont have one, better pull my finger out I guess!

Hilary xx

Shar said...

Thanks!!! I love to hear what was a waste of time as such as I had loads last time but have really forgotten whats needed.

I didn't have much for my first boy as we were a bit strpped for cash and I took 2nd hand wherever I could.
With Maddi I had everything!!!! all new and lots of unessacery stuff.
I am trying to go minimal with this bubba and also allowing Family buy bits for gifts etc! My dad has brought my pushchair/car seat system!! BONUS!

SHar x

Nicole P said...

Awesome list Andrea - Thanks heaps :) Nicole xx

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