Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where's Harris?

I decided that this blog wasn't really the place to talk about Harris and our family life.

This blog was really always about fitness pursuits and thats really how i want it to stay!

I have been writing about other things at my other blog for a while now, so that is where i willl talk about Harris and our family life as well as post any pictures of him.

As for the fitness stuff - not much of that hapenning this week!

Friday, April 17, 2009

End of the week

It's Friday and I am exhausted!

This is what it always feels like when I first get back into training - until my body settles into it and the energy returns.

Having trained all body parts this week I am now sore and achy all over and tomorrow I am having a rest day - although I will probably go for a walk.

This morning I sept until 9:00am after going to sleep last night at 9pm (although that was an interupted 12 hours) - I have realised that this is what I can't do when I am normally working - sleep when I need to sleep.

Despite the extra sleep, tonight I have been on a tiny sugar trawl through the house - I think mainly because I missed a meal today.

Now it is Saturday - how sad that it takes me two days to write a blog post!

The sugar trawl was evident on the scales - but I feel much much better today! Still sore but no longer tired.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Thing are going great guns this week and I am very pleased.

I did end up with leg DOMS from Tuesday but it wasn't as bad as I anticipated.

I didn' do any training yesterday as Wednesday is a busy day and Harrs had his first vaccinations. He screamed the poor little mite and the proceeded to cry for another 6 hours until he finally fell asleep.

On the cards today is the gym, where I will do shoulders and back as well as 25 min on the Elliptical trainer. I also walk there and back with a 10 min incline wall (read HILL) on the way home.

Planned food:
1 - Oats, protein powder, raspberries
2 - Up and Go Vive post workout
3 - salad of some description
4 - cottage cheese and rice crackers
5 - haven't thought about dinner yet
6 - cottage cheese, yoghurt, raspberries

Weight today: 78.8

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Having a baby reminds me often of how important it is to value rest.

I woke up tired this morning - despite the fact that our night wasn't too bad last night. I also woke up ravenously hungry this morning - despite the fact that I has a yoghurt snack at about 3am this morning.

This afternoon I will try to have a little nap I think. It all depends on Harris.

It is raining here in Canberra today which means no walk for me. Boo Hoo! But I am planning on going to the gym - and I am decidedly nervous about it.
Mainly about how Harris will go in the child care I think.

I did manage to get a walk to the gym after all - the rain has stopped - for now -it is looking very black out over the mountains right now. I needen't have been nervous - the little angel slept the entire time I was in the gym! I really hope that is a trend he keep up!

Food (planned) today:
1 - oats, raspberries, protein powder
post gym session - Up and Go vive (Have you tried these - they are great!)
2 - cottage cheese and rice crackers
3 - spinach and feta frittatas and salad
4 - yoghurt and protein powder
5 - mustard coated chicken and salad
6 - cottage cheese, raspberries, yoghurt

Exercise today:
Hamstring Curls 3 x 10 x 10kg
Leg press 3 x 12 x 30kg
Squats 1 x 12 x 30kg 2 x 12 x bar only
Stiff legged dead lift 3 x 12 x 12kg
A few other bits and pieces like some wall squats with the fit ball and some lunges. Lunges really hurt my pelvis so I am going to lay off them for a bt I think - until I get more strength.

25 min HIIT on Elliptical
30 min walk inc Hill

Weight today: 79.7

Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 1 nearly done

Day 1 is closing in towards a close and I am happy to report that it has been a good day.

All systems go on great food choices today - especially thanks to Amanda, who decided she didn't want to indulge in a piece of chocolate cake, and so therefore neither did I.

We have had a very lazy, stay at home Easter weekend.

On Friday we went to the Folk Festival here in Canberra, it was Harris's first big day out and we really paid for the change to his routine later that night. He was a very tired grumpy baby.

Saturday and Sunday were spent recovering and getting his routine back on track.

Today, Amanda came over for lunch and a chat, before that we went for a walk around the lake.

Food today:
1 - Oats, raspberries, protein powder
2- cottage cheese, rice crackers
3 - Spinach and feta frittata and salad
4 - french vanilla yoghurt and protein powder
5 - mustard coated chicken and salad
6 - cottage cheese, yoghurt, raspberries

Exercise today:
5km walk

Weight today: 80.2

Fairly relaxing in all.

Today has been fairly easy in making good food decisions, I had a clear head and nothing was stressing me out. I was at home and not tempted by any food out and about.

Tomorrow morning I am going to see about joining the gym - I'm excited!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tis Time

I think that in my heart I have been waiting until after Easter to get back into the groove and really get on top of the fitness regime again.

As I mentioned, last week Iwent and checked out a local gym and I think that I wll most likely join. Their classes are a bit rubbish (no RPM) but I really only want an elliptical machine and some decent weights equipment.

So I have decided that I will spend this weekend getting my act into gear and putting all of the things in place to make sure I am organised enough to help make things easy.

I have found that I have been slipping back into old eating habits fairly easily when it comes to dinner and breakfast, but it is the middle of the day that is fairly calorie packed. Mainly because I usually find myself out and about over lunch time. I think that id I start going to the gym 3 days per week this will change because This will be about the time I get home from the gym so any oher errands will have to be in the afternoon, after lunch.

So the things that I need to keep at the top of my mind are:

- That it is not 'too hard' to prepare something quick and healthy at home
- That momentum begets more momentum - if I get in and do it, taking things one day at a time, and not stressing about it all too much. the momentum will take off and keep me going.
- That when I don't feel like exercising for whatever reason, I need too just get out and do it - because you can guarentee that in 10 mins time I will be loving it.
- That I need to take one day at a time and not stress about getting to the final outcome but know that by taking the steps on the journey, the final destination will be achieved.

So in sayingg that, my goal for this week is to get into the 70's again, with my scale weight being 79.x by this time next week.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Lack in general. Of posting , of walking, of eating well. But thats OK because I have been nurturing my mind.

I had my 6 week follow up at the doctor and he basically said that it probably wasn't the best idea to start running again just yet. I should probably give it another 2 months.

he did say I could start back on the bike if I wanted to though - and anything else that is non-impact. Which means I can do weights and strength work if I want to.

So I went to the local gym last week to see if they babysit for babies as small as Harris. Well he charmed them with his cuteness and they said yes - but that if they had lots of kids in there and he was starting to get grizzly that they would have to come and get me in the gym. Thats fine!

I really feel the need to work my muscles and get my herat rate up to a decent level. Hellooo Elliptical trainer! and hill walking on the tready!

I have also been procrastinating about prepping food and the "Work' factor of getting back to all those good habits I had before. It is hard work, constant preparation and organisation and staying on top of things to shift weight. I always thought that if I didn't have to go to work that it would be so much easier. It is easier to find excuses to do things that are more fun that exercise thats for sure!

I am still unsure of the gym and the babysitting. There are alot of what ifs going through my head. - Mostly about Harris acting up and me not being able to get anything done and it being a waste of money.
The babysitting in the gym is only from 9am - 12pm daily so I have a very small window of opportunity on weekdays. Weekends would be OK because I could get Mark to look after Harris for and hour. The other what if I have is the fact that I would have to be super efficient in the gym and not dawdle like I used to. Perhaps I am thinking too hard about it all and I just need to do it and work it all out along the way.

I had a thought yesterday that I really should be making the most of the extra weightloss aid that is breastfeeding. At the moment I am not doing anything extra but I could be seriously making the most of this extra help. Who knows how long I will be able to breastfeed for?

The other interesting thing. I had forgotten just how good Oats, mixed with rasberries and protein shake is.... Mmmnnn tasty!
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