Thursday, August 06, 2009

Awake so early

The little one woke us up quite early today and now he has gone back to bed so I have scoffed down some Oats and sultanas for breakfast and now am doing a blog post so I can get on with getting this house clean later in the day.

Planning a walk today - 5km Bridge to Bridge around Lake Burleigh Griffin. I also want to go to have a look at the National Portrait Gallery for a bit of a look see. ( I didn't manage the walk - it was too cold near the lake and i didn't pack warm enough clothes for Harris)

Later this afternoon I am going to take the dog for a run because I have to get a run in on a Thursday. (Tick!)

I can't go to the gym today because the little one is a bit snuffly and I don't want him to pass it on to any of the other kids at the gym childcare.

I got the new Oxygen magazine yesterday and while I do love Oxygen and think it is probably the best fitness magazine on the market - I also have problems with the fact that the editorial team make absolutely no effort to de-americanize the articles (sorry for any american readers).

I realize that some of the articles used in the Australian version of Oxygen are from the US magazine and understand the rationale behind this - but would it be so difficult to correct the references from Pounds into Kilos - I can convert pound to kilos in my head - but not everyone can do this and I just feel like it marginalises the Australian audience to some degree and comes across as a little lazy.

Just my thoughts...

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andj,

I have to say I agree with you there. I am really enjoying hearing your opinions on things lately.


Kristy said...

Great job Andrea starting this day on track. The walk and run today sounds good and the Art Gallery sounds interesting.

Would you recommend buying Oxygen for a look? Was this months good?

LizN said...

I totally agree - we need a decent Australian content only fitness magazine here.

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