Monday, August 03, 2009

ifitness for iphone

I went searching the itues application store the other day for something I could use to track the weights etc that I do in the gym that might be an alternative to carrying around a notebook and pen. Happily - I found just the thing in the ifitness.

This is a neat little application that not only allows you to easily enter the amount of weight and reps for each exercise, BUT it allows you to create a customisable daily workout schedule, giving you a demonstration of the intended exercise as well as a comprehensive database of exercises to choose to add to your personal workout regimen.

There is also a nifty little countdown feature so you can countdown 60seconds until your next set is due.

It also has the ability to track statistics on a week to week basis.

I think the ifitness application for iphone is great and it was so much easier than toting around a pen and paper - it was all right there as part of the device I use to listen to music at the gym anyway.

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