Thursday, August 13, 2009

A bit downhill

After my big gung ho start to the week, Harris decided that this week he was going to turn into a crying all night baby again - so the early part of this week really suffered.

Sleep deprivation certainly does make like more difficult. Looking at the baby in the picture above - you wouldn't know it. He looks like an angel!

It is his 6 month "half-birthday" today! Can you believe he is six months old already?

So last night was the first night this week that was back to normal (Normal is to only get woken up twice in the night -as compared to 5 times).

I missed my walk on Tuesday - mainly because I was tired I suppose - both from lack of sleep and from the gym session I did on Monday.

But I walked to mothers group yesterday and then went for an 8km walk today with a couple of the girls who also have heavy duty walking prams.

This week when it has been tough, I have had to remind myself that I didn't set out on this challenge to completely regain my fitness to the point where I was running half marathons again by the end - but simply to refocus my mind towards living an active lifestyle again and choosing the active approach rather than being a lazy bones.

It is important to remind yourself on a weekly (or even more frequently) basis about the WHY - What is your original purpose?
What made you set on this path in the first place?
Review of our goals is an important part of staying committed - so too is measuring how you are travelling along your path and ensuring that you are aligned with your original purpose.
Drifting too far in either direction (Where you are either not meeting your original goal pathway OR you are exceeding what you set out to do and in turn pushing yourself too hard and risking burnout) - is a surefire way to the beginnings of self doubt and possible failure!

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strewth said...

That is the most gorgeous photo. What a beautiful baby. Six months is a really delightful age - hope the sleeping improves!

Jadey said...

Hoping you doing really well in your challenge Andj. Won't be too long and you'll be back running your marathons again!

Sounds like your spot on for achieving your goals hon. Harris is soooo cute! How gorgeous! You must be so proud.

Jadey xox

Hilary said...

Wow, 6 months old already, doesn't time fly!! Happy "Half" Birthday Harris! Sorry to hear about the sleepless night again - I'm starting to wonder how I'm going to cope myself once bub arrives!

Hilary xx

Andrea said...

I know Stewth - doesn't time fly! He is a cheeky monkey.

Jadey - thanks so much. The challenge is going great - but as you probably know - you have those weeks where you just find the going tough.

Hilary - The sleepless nights go in cycles I think - they tease you a little that it's going to be getting better and then they seem to regress. Believe it or not - you do get used to it. Twice a night is pretty much normal for me now and it feels like a good nights sleep.

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