Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Well today has just been a tough slog mentally from beginning to end. Harris had a rough night and Wednesday is Mothers group day so I can't go to the gym.

Whether I have a good, motivated day or not really seems to be dependant on whether or not I can get some exercise in fairly early on in the day or not.

I had planned on walking to mothers group but it was freezing and after almost getting frostbite in my fingers yesterday, I didn't feel like doing that again today.

I made the fatal error of going to the shops and giving in to a craving for a bought breakfast.

I am glad that my goals for this 100 day challenge aren't about food - but perhaps they should be!

So a good start to the day in the way of food as well as exercise is the key to me having a good day on a whole. I also didn't have much water today. I can really feel the difference. Good thing the Phase 2 mini challenge starts tomorrow!

Exercise for today was an hour on the spin bike - but it was quite interrupted - I was off the bike for probably 2 minutes out of every 10 - so I am only giving myself 3.5km today.

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