Saturday, August 08, 2009

The value of a training partner

This morning I was meant to go to RPM with Amanda - but we got there and the Canberra powerlifting titles were on at Elite Physique and the groups fitness classes were cancelled. So we did a weights session instead.

Having never really had a training partner as such, it was really nice to be able to have a chat as you were working out and I can really see how it could be very motivating to have someone to train with on a regular basis.

As tehre was no cardio involved - a dog walk is on the cards this afternoon in order to get in the 5km. I will count the weight session towards the couple of Km I need to make up for this week.

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MTB Girl said...

Hey Andrea, it was great to have a training partner. I'm usually a loner too. It took my mind off the work to just chat between sets. We'll have to try to do it more often.

I hope you get out for your walk - at least the weather is spectacular for it :)


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